I'm Emma, the designer & illustrator behind Bea & Bloom, a creative design studio established in 2016, specialising in branding for small business owners & entrepreneurs.

Here's a few things you should know about me:
- I love sweets. Pick n Mix in particular. White Mice are a real weakness but honestly anything sugary and I'm in.
- I love a gingerbread latte and definitely think they should be a thing all year round, not just at Christmas.
- I've grown a bit of an addiction to house plants. I've recently been buying rubber plants, monsteras and other pretties for all the rooms of our house (and managed to keep most of them alive!) as well as repeatedly filling the pages of my sketchbooks with botanical illustrations.
- Being creative has always been who I am. I spent hours painting watercolour flowers with my Nanny when I was young, studied Art & Design at college and Illustration at Uni, and when I'm not working on a client project you'll find me with my head down in a sketchbook (usually drawing flowers or plants)
- A few years ago I found an old "All About Me' book that my oldest friend had given me when we were about 8 years old. I'd written in it that when I grew up I wanted to be an illustrator. I'm surprised I even knew what that was back then, but I'm pretty happy to be able to say I ended up where I wanted to be when I was 8!
- I got married to my best friend, Jamie, in 2017 ( ^ didn't we manage to find the most on-brand wedding venue??)
-We now live in Kent where we're currently renovating our first house together, an 1880s Victorian Terrace. I'm great at caulking, paint stripping and sanding, not so good at wall-papering and guttering.

Bea & Bloom began in November 2016, originally offering illustrated wedding stationery for love-up brides & grooms to be.
In early 2018, I worked with a few small business owners to create their new brand identities, and fell in love with the process. A couple of months later in April I refreshed my own branding and website and made the switch to focus on logo design and branding for other entrepreneurs. I've not looked back since and have been lucky enough to work with lots of lovely photographers, florists, bakery owners and other creatives (although you can still work with me on your wedding stationery too!)
I just love meeting fellow small business owners and getting to know their stories, and particularly love a project where I can include subtle symbols and imagery that reflect who they are and what drives their business.

I can't wait to get to know you!


Why Bea & Bloom?

The name Bea & Bloom is inspired by two of my favourite things:
-Pretty blooms & florals, and my fun, playful, cuddly best friend; our lovely Westie, Beabea. She loves socks, rope toys, walks, all food (except bananas) and of course napping.
She lives with my parents just ten minutes from us (we got her before I moved away for uni in 2011 and they got custordy when I left!), but she regularly comes for sleepovers and during my work day you'll often find her sitting under my desk.


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