15 Inspirational Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

I love podcasts. I listen to them while I'm working at my desk, when I'm on a train, waiting for the dinner to cook, and I always get so much inspiration from them. There are so many brilliant podcasts out there (and I'm sure there are loads I am yet to discover) but I've rounded up some of my favourites for creative female entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

10 Inspirational Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic is a podcast by Sara Tasker of Me & Orla, an Instagram coach and photographic organiser. The podcast consists of interview with other creatives, stories and advice to "help you bloom and grow through your online adventures".
This was actually the very first podcast I discovered, whilst looking for tips on growing an engaged Instagram audience, and I binge listened to nearly all of the episodes at that time in one sitting!

Favourite episode: Using Instagram to Launch A Creative Business - Listen Now

Make it Happen

Make it Happen is hosted by Jen Carrington, a creative coach with a passion for helping "big-hearted creatives make things happen in their creative work and life on their own terms, in their own way, and by their own rules". In the podcast, Jen shares her own insights and has honest conversations with a great variety of creative entrepreneurs.
Jen has just released the 7th season of Make it Happen, which is made up of 13 short episodes taken form her e-book "Nobody is Going to Do Your Business (Or Life) For You"

Favourite episode: Successfully Blogging for your Creative Business -

The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is a Wedding photographer and educator for creatives. Two new episodes are released every week and each one of them is filled with really useful information. There's a mix of interviews and work-shop style shows about everything from social media marketing and e-mail lists, to branding and the legal stuff. Jenna is full of knowledge and experience and is always incredibly honest with her listeners.
"Train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way."
(I also recommend joining The Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook group for even more inspiration!)

Favourite episode: Using Pinterest to 10x you Website Traffic - Listen Now

The Ellechat Podcast

Ellechat is actually a live webinar series, but is now replayed on iTunes as a Podcast too so you can follow along even if you can't make the livestream! I first discovered Elle & Company years ago and absolutely loved Lauren's style and posts about her design process (they're a great inspiration if you're just starting out), and more recently stumbled across the Ellechats. This is another one that I have binge listened to, and there may be several episodes I have listened to 2 or 3 times! Lauren shares heaps of information on her experience as a designer, with tips on blogging, business, Squarespace and social media.

Favourite episode: How I grew my waiting list to 250+ prospective clients - Listen Now

The Creative Leap

The Creative Leap is run by Cat from Gatto, and is inspired by her own journey from a dead-end job to becoming a designer and running the business of her dreams. Each week Cat chats to other women who have formed a business form their hobbies and they share stories about how they've gotten to a place where they now love Mondays!

Favourite episode: Nesha Woolery: Business Mentor - Listen Now

The One Girl Band Podcast

Lola is the founder of One Girl Band, a collective for female creatives and entrepreneurs. Series one is made up of short and sweet solo episodes with Lola sharing her advice on working for and by yourself. Series two also includes some longer episodes where Lola interviews other female entrepreneurs and chats about everything involved in running your own business.

Favourite episode: Making the Next 6 Months Your Best Yet + Setting Goals That You'll Stick To - Listen Now

Simple Pin Podcast

This one is all about Pinterest, run by Kate Ahl, an educator in Pinterest marketing for bloggers and small business owners. This is a great source of information if you're trying to use Pinterest to grow your business, and provides lots of information on everything what what to pin, to understanding the terms and phrases in Pinterest analytics.

Favourite episode: Understanding Pinterest Analytics


This is my most recent Podcast discovery, and its a great one for when you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare. The Socialette Podcast consists of short, bite-sized episodes all about the world of social media marketing. There's tips on everything from Facebook & Instagram Marketing, to Blogging and e-mail lists.

Favourite episode: Email Marketing | How do I start building and email list? - Listen Now

A few other favourites:

What She Said
Elise Gets Crafty
Being Boss
The Fringe of It
The Brand Stylist in Conversation with...
Behind the Brand: Stories & Strategies for Building your Creative Business
Starting the Conversation

I'm always looking for more podcast options so please let me know if you have any other favourites that I haven't mentioned here. And if you're running your own Podcast, I'd love to hear about that too!

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