Wedding Planning Update

 We picked our wedding cars!

Hello! I have an update on our wedding plans for you today.

We've made lots of progress in a short space of time and booked several suppliers for our big day!

We chose our cars from Steve's Wedding Automobiles. I'm not usually interested in cars at all but when we went to view the two we're using for our wedding I absolutely loved them. We had a little sit down in the one we'll be using and got very excited over the thought that next time we sit in it together we'll be married!

We also booked a cake! Originally we were going to go with a basic M&S iced 3 tiered sponge and maybe add some flowers to it. But I came across Bunty's Wedding Cakes and fell in love with one of their lovely designs, so went ahead and booked a beautiful 4 tiered design.

We've got an appointment with a florist in a couple of weeks (thats some of her marvellous creations in the pictures below). I'm really excited to sit down and discuss lots of beautiful flowers for our venue! We have two room to decorate as well as outdoor space, a bar area and of course the bouquets and buttonholes! So there lots to discuss.

We've also begun looking at our entertainment but I'll save the details on that for another day as we're only half way there on that one.

And finally, I booked an appointment to try on some dresses! I'm going to a bridal boutique in Tunbridge Wells on 7th September. It'll be just me and my mum and its bound to be an emotional hour and a half! I'm incredibly excited and mildly terrified about it as its such a big deal. Fingers crossed I find "the one"!

Next month we'll reach the "one year to go" mark. The 23rd September is our 5 year anniversary as well as marking exactly one year until we get married. We'll be celebrating with an engagement shoot in Greenwich Park, with our lovely photographers White Stag Weddings, which I cannot wait for!

Thats all for now. I'll be back next month with some more updates!