Cakes, Flowers & Dresses

Hello! I have another wedding planning update to share this week!

Things have been progressing nicely and I think I can now say that most of the "major" stuff is done apart from bridal party clothing. Venue, Photographer, Cars, Cake & half the Entertainment were already ticked off the list, and we've now sorted the rest of our entertainment and our Florist too!

I briefly mentioned entertainment in my last post. I don't want to go in to too much detail as we want to keep things as a surprise for our guests! But I will say that we have booked both a musician and a DJ and we have some fun things planned with both of them during the day.

I also talked about our cake last time. We've now had our tasting box and have the tough decision of choosing which flavours to go with! They were all so delicious its been hard to decide (although this has not affected the fact that cake tasting has definitely been one of my favourite aspects of wedding planning so far!) Our favourites were the vanilla sponge, death by chocolate, red velvet and lemon, but we're yet to make a final decision.

We've also started to look at the flowers for the big day! Two weeks ago Lisa from Heather & Wood kindly came to visit us at home where we had a lovely long chat about all our ideas. She asked us lots of questions about what we like and don't like, and had lots of great suggestions for us, including ways we can use some of the flowers in multiple ways throughout the day in order to save some money! Lisa is going to put together a vision of our day for us, and I can't wait to see what she's come up with!

And now my most exciting news.... I've found my dress! I thought this part of my wedding story would be pretty drawn out and complicated. I'm generally pretty indecisive and whenever I go shopping for clothes its usually pretty unsuccessful as I struggle to find anything I like. I assumed this would be the same (as did my Mum!) but I am very happy to say it was the complete opposite.
Yesterday me and Mum headed to Isabella Grace in Tunbridge Wells (big thank you to Dad for giving us a lift and wandering around while we were in there!) for my very first appointment in a bridal shop. We sat downwith Pippa and went through a few questions about what I'd seen that I liked and didn't like, and then went through and looked through the dresses and chose 6 to try on.
The very first one I tried on was perfect. I was grinning from ear to ear, as was Mum (and there may have been a few tears). It felt just right, people always say you'll know when its the one, I didn't really believe that but it turns out its true! I tried on the other 5 choices and they were all beautiful but none had the same feeling as that first one. So I put it back on and went down to the front of the shop to stand in the natural light in front of their big mirror, and the grinning continued. And so I ordered my dress. The very first wedding dress I ever tried on! We were then given a glass of bubbly and went through what happens next, my measurements were taken and I paid my deposit!
After a lot of time spent worrying that this was going to be difficult, it turned out to be absolutely perfect. The whole experience was amazing (I honestly wish I could do it every day!), Pippa was lovely andso helpful, and the shop itself was beautiful! If you're on the hunt for a wedding dress in the Kent area then I highly recommend you visit Isabella Grace. I'm so thrilled with everything and I can't wait for my fittings next year!

 Isabella Grace Bridal Boutique

And finally, I mentioned last time that we have our engagement shoot with White Stag Wedding Photographers soon. Its now just over 2 weeks away, we can't wait!
We're also off to The Wedding Fair at Excel on the 18th, so that should be pretty exciting too!

I'll be back soon with more updates!