(I just couldn't resist sharing another of our engagement shoot photos by White Stag Weddings!)

(I just couldn't resist sharing another of our engagement shoot photos by White Stag Weddings!)

Its been nearly four months since my last Wedding Planning post, so I thought it was time for an update!

To be honest, we've had a quiet few months with regards to planning, and haven't made much progress so I don't have a huge amount to share. However, with it now being THIS YEAR (I don't think I'll be tiring of saying that any time soon!) that we get married, I figured a sort of to-do list type post would be quite beneficial!

So, here's whats next for our wedding plans...

- Rings. This one is definitely top of the list, and something we need to work out ASAP. We still need to decide what styles we'd like but we'll be working on this decision very soon.

- Book trials, fittings etc. I have my dress fittings booked for later in the year for my alterations, but I need to arrange my accessories appointment and a make-up trial for some time this spring. I'm hoping to have both on the same day so I can see the effects of the two together.

- Suits. Jamie, the Best Man, Ushers, and both our Dads still need their outfits for the day! This is something we'll be working on in the Spring, but need to figure out the logistics as most of them are down in Portsmouth.

- Bridesmaids. Speaking of difficult logistics, my Maid of Honour, Natalia, lives in Florida! Just before Christmas she was here for a very brief visit and we spent an evening together with my other Bridesmaid, Fran. We had a limited window of time but managed to squeeze in trying on some dresses so we do have an idea of what we're going for. We know what styles and sizes work, just need to wait until spring for the pretty pastel colours to come in! I also need to arrange a day with my lovely lower Girl, Amara, to get her dress sorted too.


- Honeymoon. We still need to decide our budget, choose a location and get something booked. Any recommendations would be appreciated! We're thinking of somewhere warm and relaxing like Santorini and Rhodes.

- Stationery/Decor. As crazy as it sounds, I have barely made a start on all our wedding stationery and decor! I briefly sketched out a few ideas just before Christmas, and I've bought a few little bits and pieces at wedding fairs, but beyond that it still all needs to be done! As you can imagine I have lots of ideas and lots of things I want to make, so this is going to be a big focus for the next few months.

 Bea and Bloom wedding stationery sketchbook

And of course, everything else still needs to be confirmed, and final details needs to be decided and arranged. And I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of other things that we still need to do.
Wish me luck with a busy few months of getting organised! 
(There's the small matter of exhibiting at a Wedding Fair in March too, so its definitely going to be a busy time!)