Bea and Bloom Illustrated Wedding Stationery Inspiration

When I was working on the plans for Bea & Bloom, one of the main things I wanted to achieve was to provide couples with multiple ways of customising their stationery in order to make it their own. One of the ways I have implemented this idea is to have fully customisable colours accross all of my designs. The colour palettes of all of the House Collection and Custom Illustrated designs can be completely changed to suit your theme, all free of charge. You don't need to choose from a certain selection of colours, there are no limitations!

I've picked out a few of my favourite shades, to help you decide if you find choosing from an entire rainbow a little overwhelming! These are the colours that feature in all of the stock designs. Remember, you're not limited to these colours, they're just here to serve as inspiration.

I've also created a few mock ups of the designs in alternative colour palettes, to give you an idea of how they work. Below is a selection of 5 designs, each in their original colours alongside an alternative option. You can find more examples by visiting the page for each design and viewing the information PDF file.

If you'd like to see what your favourite design might look like in your colour palette, simply get in touch and I will create a PDF mock up (details will not be personalised at this stage). You can send me reference images, colour codes, or just a general description of your theme and I will work on a palette especially for you. Or if you've created one yourself I can use that too!