Bea and Bloom Illustrated Wedding Stationery 6 months to go

With less than 6 months to go until our big day, I thought it was about time I shared another update on all our plans!

Things feel quite organised at the moment. When people ask me what we've got left to do my answer is "Bridesmaid dresses, suits and rings", which with 6 months to go doesn't sound too bad at all! But... then I remember, I also need to deign ALL the stationery and plan the decor of 2 rooms and an outdoor space. So its probably time I get on with all of that!

Since my last update, we've done something quite exciting, we booked our honeymoon! 2 days after the wedding we'll be flying out to Venice for 4 nights, and then getting the train through Italy to Sorrento where we'll stay for another week. We've booked some beautiful hotels and have lots of ideas planned for fun trips and excursions (including a day in Verona, a trip to Pompeii and an ice cream making class!). We plan to eat lots of pizza, explore the local towns, relax by the sea and just generally spoil ourselves for the whole trip!

I also had my hair and make up trials last week. I had no idea what I wanted for either so was a little nervous about the appointments. But both went brilliantly and I'm so happy with the finished look! I was so disappointed to have to remove the make up before Jamie got home so he didn't see it! I'd never had my make up done before this and had no idea what to expect. I was worried it would feel very uncomfortable and that I'd look caked in the stuff. But Helen (helenleemakeup.co.uk) did such a brilliant job! I couldn't even feel the make up on (apart from the lipstick of course!), and she listened really carefully to all my concerns and paid attention to what I'd usually wear so that I still looked like me! I'd definitely recommend Helen if you're in the Kent area, and I can't wait to have it all done again on the big day!

 Isabella Grace Tunbridge Wells Wedding Dress Bridal Shop

After my hair & make up trials I returned to Isabella Grace to try on my dress again. We put on white gloves to try my actual dress to keep it looking all pristine and beautiful! And then I put the sample one back on so I could try out a few of their accessories. Again I'd been a little nervous about this appointment, it had been 6 months since I last tried the dress on and the memory of it had gotten a little distorted in my mind so I was worried I wouldn't like it this time! But as soon as I put it on I was as thrilled as I was the first time, and I didn't want to take it off!
After I left the first appointment I realised I hadn't tried sitting or really moving in the dress ( I spent most of the time standing in the mirror grinning!) so that was another concern. So this time I made sure to move around a bit, sit down and relax a little to check it was all comfortable! If you're shopping for your dress I recommend doing this the first time you see it on, as I'm not sure what I'd have done if it turned out I couldn't sit down in it!
I also highly recommend you visit Isabella Grace for your dress. The shop is just beautiful, they have a wonderful selection of dresses (they don't feel "All the same" like some bridal dresses do) and they're customer service is fantastic! And to top it off, they just won Best Bridal Boutique in the UK for the 5th time running!

And finally, I have made a tiny start on the wedding stationery! This is one task that I keep meaning to get started on but it keeps getting forgotten about (especially with all the work in the lead up to Most Curious!)
Its still very early in the design process but I've planned the different elements of the main invitation bundle, sketched out some monogram ideas and started working on some floral illustrations to use within the designs.
I'm aiming to have these ready to send out in May so watch this space for the finished article!

 Bea and Bloom Wedding Stationery Sketchbook
 Bea and Bloom Wedding Stationery Sketchbook