2019 Goals

Bea & Bloom Creative Design Studio - 2019 Goals

I always love a new year. I know there’s nothing magical about January 1st, but I love the idea of a blank page, a fresh start to work on new goals and work towards the best year yet.

After a great 2018 for Bea & Bloom, I’ve been looking at my goals for 2019 and how I plan to keep growing and learning in the next 12 months.

Work with more clients

This is a pretty obvious one, but its top of my list for 2019. I’ve so loved working with my clients this year and getting to know them and the stories behind their businesses, and I can’t wait to continue with that next year. I have a few lovely clients lined up for January and I’m so looking forward to getting started with them!
I have a goal number of clients in mind for this year. A number that’s high enough to help my business to grow and push me more in the direction of going full time, but low enough to hopefully keep me from burning out, and ensure I still enjoy every minute of what I do.

Make a plan - and stick to it

One of my first tasks for the new year is sit down and make a solid plan for my time in 2019. I still work a couple of days a week in my family’s business, so juggling both jobs can sometimes get me in a bit of a muddle. Some weeks I’ll be crazily over worked, coming home form the shop and heading straight upstairs to spend evenings in the studio, while other weeks I’ll find I have little to do on my days working from home. I’m hoping to settle on a proper routine this year to help me balance both jobs and spread out my tasks more evenly, as well as plenty of time to relax and spend with friends and family.

Be more consistent with content

I made some good progress with blogging this year, and during the summer months in particular I was very consistent with blogging a couple of times a week and keeping up with Pinterest, Instagram etc. But after a busy month of client work I fell out of the habit again and I’ve been a little behind towards the end of the year.
I have a list of blog posts I want to write, and part of the plan mentioned above will involve some set time each week to work on my blog and social media content.

Diversify my income

I’ve been working on a side project over the last few months that I hope to launch early in 2019. I won’t give too much away just yet but it will involve some digital products, and will hopefully help me to diversify my income as well as adding a whole new element to what I have to offer potential clients.

Continue to learn

I have a bookshelf full of lovely design and inspiration books that I just never get around to reading. Another part of my schedule for the new year will be a couple of hours each week to sit and read and learn something new, whether that be from one of my books, a favourite blog or an ebook.

Create more for me

I also want to continue to take some time to create work just for me. I have a few personal projects planned out, including a very predictable #52 weeks of plants, where I’ll be creating an illustration each week around my all time favourite theme.


We have a few trips in mind for the next 12 months, my favourite of which is a potential drive up to the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. It will be a week of exploring, relaxing, and gathering inspiration for new projects (and eating, of course. It’s Italy after all)
We also plan to make the most of our weekends (once we finally finish the house!) and visiting a few places around the UK. Recommendations for pretty places to visit and air bnb options are most appreciated!

I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds! What are your goals for the next year?

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