52 Weeks of Plants - Week 1

Hello! And a huge Happy New Year to you all. Today is my first official day back in the studio for the year, and I’m excited to get started with everything I’ve planned for the next few months.

I have quite a few new projects and blog post series coming in 2019, and I’ll be sharing them all with you over the next few weeks. For today, I’m starting with the one I’m most excited about: #52weeksofplants

Plants! Of course, what else? I knew I wanted to do a “52 weeks” project this year, a little less pressure than 365 days, and an opportunity to spend a bit more time on each piece of work, and coming up with a theme didn’t exactly take long!
Over the next 52 weeks, I’ll be creating a mix of botanical posters, decorative illustrations, illustrated quotes, and sharing them here once a month. I never tire of drawing pretty flowers and plants, so this is a theme I’m confident I can keep up with, and I hope to have a little series of prints to open up a little shop later in the year. I was also bought some beautiful books this Christmas, which will probably provide me with all the inspiration I need for the whole year.
The project is also a reflection on my word of the year: Grow, which I’ll be sharing a bit more on later on.

So for now, here’s the first instalment of #52weeksofplants:

Bea & Bloom Creative Design Studio - 52 Weeks of Plants Illustration

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