7 Apps I use every day in my business

A lot goes in to running a small business, from creating & scheduling content, to staying inspired and doing the best work. I use quite a few apps both on my phone and on my desktop computer every day in my business to keep things running smoothly. These are some of favourites and ones I'd recommend for fellow small biz owners:

Bea & Bloom Creative Design Studio

On my Phone


I use Hootsuite to schedule and post my Twitter & Facebook content. I use the free version which allows you to connect up to 3 accounts (I just have my Facebook Page & Twitter Profile) and schedule up to 30 posts at a time. They have other paid plans if you need to add more accounts or schedule more posts at a time.


Tailwind is quite a new one for me, I just started getting in to Pinterest a few months ago and focusing on it as a way to increase traffic to my site. Since using tailwind I've noticed a huge improvement in my stats from Pinterest. I can spend half an hour here and there saving pins, and set them to go out at regular intervals when my viewers are most active. Tailwind is great for batching the task of Pinterest and saves me loads of time each week.


Another new one for me, Mosaico is a tool I use to plan out my Instagram grid. It loads up your existing posts and you can import new images and move them around to plan out how your grid will look. You can write out your captions (they're copied to your clipboard when you go to post, so you just paste them in the caption of your post) and save "Tag Clouds" of your most used tags for each topic. I used to use Hootsuite for my Instagram posts, but I love how Mosaico allows you to see ow your grid will look in advance.


I have the mobile version of Google Analytics on my phone to keep an eye on what's bringing traffic to my site. I use this alongside Tailwind to know what posts are gaining traffic from Pinterest so I know which pins to reschedule.

On my Desktop


As mentioned in last week's post, Podcasts are a big source of inspiration for me and I love having them on in the background while I'm working, so the iTunes is nearly always open on my computer.


Most of my work is vector based, but I do use photoshop to edit images for my blog posts and social media content. I generally just brighten things up using curves and adjust the colours a little, and then resize the image depending on what I'm using it for.


This is the most important app for my business. I use Illustrator every day and its where all of my designs come to life. I use it for creating mood boards, designing logos, and vectorising and adding colour to images I've scanned in from my sketchbook. Of all the apps I've listed, this is the one that I definitely couldn't run my business without.

What apps do you use in your business? If you have any recommendations for me, I'd love to hear them so let me know in the comments!

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