April Sunshine

It may have been short lived but these past few days of sunshine and warmth have been very well received!
For one, dog walks are much more pleasant when the sun is shining, a stark contrast to just a few weeks ago with minus temperatures and icy paths!

April sunshine dog walks

We spent the weekend down in Lee-on-Solent (near Portsmouth) visiting Jamie's family. On Saturday morning we took a trip down to the sea front, and despite the sun going in just as we arrived, there was no way we were going back without having an ice cream first!
On the Sunday we went for a lovely drive along the coast on our way back form breakfast (and I'm still impressed at the photos I managed to take from the moving car!)

April sunshine ice cream
April sunshine lee on solent
April sunshine Lee on solent

More sunny dog walks made even better with the appearance of all this pretty blossom. I've decided our new garden will definitely need to a feature a tree that blooms white blossom in the spring time!


Finally, we've been spending lots of time at the new house (getting ready to move in in 4 weeks time!) and the lovely sunshine combined with all the bright white paint we've been using has made for a very sunny house this week! And the view from our bedroom window at the little cottages is just lovely with that pink blossom.


Come back soon sunshine!