25 Blog Post Ideas for Small Biz Owners


Coming up with fresh blog content every week isn't always easy, especially with social media & Mailing list content to think of too! Today I'm sharing 25 ideas for blog posts for small business owners & creatives. Several of these prompts could be applied to multiple posts, and some could also be applied to Instagram or Facebook posts (or even mailing list e-mails!) so you can get months worth of content ideas! I've also put together a little printable checklist so you can keep track of which ideas you've implemented.

Share a tour of your workspace or desk

People love a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Share a photo tour and tell your readers all about your workspace.

Break down your creative/business process

Start from the very beginning of a project and walk your readers through your process step by step. This gives potential clients a great idea of what they can expect from you.

Share a “day in the life” showing your daily routine

Break down a time-line of your average day, with accompanying photos and talk your readers through your schedule.

Talk about a recent success story

Talk about something you've achieved recently that you're really proud of. It could be some good results from a client project, a new skill you've learned, or a personal achievement.

Share client testimonials / reviews

Have you received a raving review from a recent customer? Share it on your blog for everyone to see! (You should be doing this every time you get a great review!)

Conduct an interview with another entrepreneur/creative

Invite an industry peer to answer a few questions for your readers and share it on your blog. This works best if its someone from a relevant industry, but not a direct competitor.

Tell the story behind starting your business

Go right back to the beginning and talk about what made you decide to start your business, what your first steps were, and how you've gotten to where you are today.

Share a recent project

Show off some recent work (and update your portfolio at the same time if you haven't already), talk about the process and what you enjoyed about the project.

Create a playlist

Do you listen to music while you're working? Share a playlist of your current favourites with your readers and invite them to share some suggestions with you.

Share a list of your favourite things in a given topic

Are you particularly passionate about house plants? Podcasts? If there's something you're passionate about, share a list of your favourites and include a few interesting facts.

Share what’s currently inspiring you

Do you have a mood board that's currently inspiring your work? Share a photo of it on your blog and talk your readers through it. If you don't have a real life mood board, share a link to a Pinterest board (and ask your readers to follow you while they're there!)

Share some tips relevant to your expertise

Are you a Squarespace expert? Share your favourite 3 CSS hacks. A photographer? Share some tips for perfect natural lighting. You don't want to give everything away, but sharing a few tips will help position you as an expert in your industry and get potential clients to trust you.

Provide answers to FAQs

Do you frequently receive the same questions in your inbox? Compile a list of FAQs and provide detailed answers to each (now next time you receive a question via e-mail, you an direct the sender back to this post)

Share some quotes that inspire you

Put together a round-up of some inspirational quotes relevant to your industry.

Talk about the mistakes you’ve made and what you’ve learnt

We've all made a lot of mistake along the way, and learnt a lot from them. Talk about a few things you wish you'd known when starting your business, and the advice you'd give to others who are just starting out.

Share a round-up of helpful links

Compile a list of your favourite blogs, resources and articles.

Host a giveaway

Everybody loves a giveaway! If there's something you can give away, put together a little competition on your blog, and share it across social media to draw new readers in.

Share a round-up of your favourite tools/apps

Share the top 3 phone apps you can't live without, or the tools and programmes that help your business to run smoothly.

Create a free download

Design a e-book, planner or worksheet to accompany a blog post and provide it as a free download in exchange for a sign-up to your e-mail list.

Take a survey and share the results

Use Instagram Stories to ask your audience some questions about a topic in your industry, and share a report of the results on your blog.

Tell the story behind your business name

Do you have a story behind your choice of business name? People love to be nosy about these things, so tell your readers all about it on your blog.

Talk about some current news in your industry

Showing that you're up to date on things in your industry is another way to position yourself as an expert. Share your opinion on something that's currently happening in your industry and ask your readers to join in the discussion.

Introduce your team

Do you have other people working for you or helping you out in your business? Even if it's your husband who does the occasional Post Office run, or your pet dog who's a great listener when you're stuck for ideas, talk about the people (or animals) that make your business what it is.

Put together a highlight reel of your year

This is a great one to share around the end of the year or a business anniversary. Put together a highlight reel of your favourite projects & business memories from the year.

Update an old blog post

If you're really stuck for ideas, its always worth going back over old blog posts, updating them with new information (and checking all your links still work!) and re-sharing! We put a lot of time in to creating content so there's no reason to only share each post once!

I'd love to know if you implement any of these ideas in to your own blog, so leave me a link in the comments!

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