5 Ways to Grow Your e-mail List

If you’ve ready any blogs, listened to any podcasts, or watched any youtube videos on small business lately, you’re likely to have heard or seen one a few phrases:
E-mail lists are key
Grow your e-mail list
An e-mail list is essential to your business


And they’re right! E-mail lists are a great way to promote your business, and get your information in front of the right people, straight in their inbox!
And what’s even better, is you will always own that list! You may have thousands of Instagram followers and Facebook fans, but imagine if Instagram and Facebook went down tomorrow. All of those followers and fans would be lost, and you’d have no way of reaching them. But if you had an e-mail list, you could still contact and promote to all of the people on that list!


So with that being said, here’s my top 5 tips to let people know about your list and get your first subscribers (or grow your list if you’ve already started one)

Share previews of your e-mails on social media

The day before an e-mail is due to head out to your subscribers, share a little preview on your social media accounts (Instagram stories is particularly effective for this). Add something like “its not too late to sign up and receive my latest newsletter straight to your inbox! Follow the link in my profile/Swipe Up”

Tip: If you don’t have the Swipe Up option, make sure your sign-up page is easy to find from your Instagram profile. You can set up a specific page on your website, with buttons leading to the key elements of your site, and put the link for that page in your profile. Here’s mine: beaandbloom.com/insta

Create a Content Upgrade / Free Download

Give people a reason to sign up! Create a freebie that’s relevant to what you’ll be offering in your e-mails, in return for people signing up. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, create a PDF guide to some of your favourite wedding suppliers, or a printable wedding planner. If you use a service like Mailchimp or Conkertkit, you can set up a welcome e-mail to be automatically sent out to new subscribers, and include the download in that e-mail, so its all done for you on auto-pilot!

Create a Free Resource Library

If you want to go one better than an opt-in freebie, you can create a whole library of free resources for your subscribers. This works particularly well if you’ve previously created various freebies for some of your blog posts etc, and its a great way of bringing everything together for your subscribers to benefit from. Create a password protected page on your website with all of the downloads, and set up that welcome e-mail to include the link and the password for them to access it all.

Tip: This can also provide you with content for your e-mails, as you can send out an update every time you add something new to the resource library, and give subscribers a great reason to revisit your website.

Add a button to your main navigation bar

I’m not a huge fan of pop-ups on websites, so I avoid using them on my own. However, I still wanted a way to make my e-mail list (and my free resource library) prominent on my website, no matter what page you first land on. So I’ve added a link to my main navigation bar that simply says “Freebies”. The button links to the landing page for my resource library, with a summary of what you’ll get if you sign up, a direct link to do so.
By placing the button in my main navigation bar, I’ve ensured that every single person that visits my site will see it, as its visible on every page, and the word “Freebies” will always grab people’s attention!

If you don’t have a resource library or opt-ins yet, you can still use this technique, but with something like “Sign-Up” instead, and a link straight to your opt-in form.

Add a sign-up form to every blog post

If you’re using Pinterest to promote your website (which you should definitely be doing! Read my post here for a my top tips) chances are a lot of people are finding you via your blog posts. A great way to benefit form this traffic is to add a sign-up form or link at the bottom of each of your posts. This works really well if you’ve chosen to offer a free resource library to your subscribers, as you can use words like “Get more content FREE”.
For mine, I created a little box in my brand colours, summarising the best bits of my resource library, with a link to the page to sign up (see the bottom of this post for an example!) and I just copy it in to each one of my posts before I publish them.

So that’s my top tips for growing your e-mail list! Once you’ve got some subscribers on your list, you can start sending them useful information, regular updates, special offers etc. Just make sure you’re always providing value in your e-mails(as mentioned before, adding new content to a resource library is a great way to do this!), so people are encouraged to stay subscribed, and click through to your site.

Have you started your e-mail list yet?

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