My top hashtags for Instagram

Hello! Today I’m talking all about one of my favourite social media platforms, Instagram. I’m sharing some of my best tips for using hashtags to get your content seen, as well as some of my favourite hashtags across 5 categories. (You can also sign up to my mailing list and gain access to my resource library which includes over 210 great hashtags across even more categories.)


One of the best ways to get seen on Instagram is to use relevant hashtags on all of your posts. I resisted using hashtags for quite a while as I wasn’t sure how to use them or how they’d work for my business. But once you’ve got the hang of them and found the ones that work best for you, they’re a really easy way to get more eye son your content. So here’s a few my top tips for using hashtags on Instagram:

  • Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. Advice on this varies a lot, but I say use the full 30 if you can, as long as they’re all relevant to your post.

  • Avoid “over-used” hashtags. #love #instagood #beautiful etc. are all very generic, and each have over a billion of posts associated with them, so your content will just get lost amidst all the spam that’s out there. Instead go for hashtags that have post numbers between 1k and 1m. This means they’re popular enough for people the be searching them, but not too popular that your post will be lost within 10 seconds of sharing!

  • If your post applies to more than one of the categories on the list, you can mix and match a few from each relevant category. Again just always make sure every hashtag that you’re using is relevant to the post.

  • If applicable to your post, add in some local hashtags. For example, if you're a wedding photographer in Florida, add #floridawedding #floridaweddingphotographer etc. Or a Florist in London, use #londonflorist #londonweddingflowers etc.

  • Create your own unique hashtag to apply to each of your own posts. This makes it easier for people to stumble across all of your work in one place, and you can ask your clients to use the same hashtag if they share your work too.

  • To find more relevant hashtags to your niche, use Instagram’s search feature. Search for a hashtag you already use, and at the top of the results you see a bunch of related hashtags. Take a look at each of these to see what they’re all about, and if they’re relevant to what you do, add them to your list!

  • I use Mosaico to plan out my Instagram content. As well as having a great visual planning feature (so you can see how your grid will look before you post) Mosaico also allows you to save “Tag Clouds” so you can create a list of 30 hashtags for each of your most used categories, and easily add them to a post all in one go. Mosaico also counts how many hashtags you’ve used, so you know if you’re going over the 30 limit!

And here's a few of my favourites from a few top categories (keep reading to gain access to the full list):

Small Business:

Perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners, I use these hashtags on posts about my work day, achievements and reviews, client work, studio space and blog posts.
#dreamersanddoers  #dontquityourdaydream  #createalifeyoulove  #beingboss  #shemeansbusiness #communityovercompetition #freelancelife #beyourownboss #whereiwork #goaldiggers


If you’re an artist, illustrator, maker or designer, these hashtags are great for posts about your finished projects, creative processes and works in progress.
#inspiredlife  #calledtobecreative  #eatsleepcreaterepeat  #createdtocreate  #womenwhocreate #workinprogress #practicemakesprogress #handmadewithlove #psimadethis #creativelifehappylife


Wedding vendors, this one is for you! Photographers, florists, planners, venue owners etc. these can all be used on all of your wedding related posts.
#weddinginspo #soloverly #herecomesthebride #realwedding #bridalstyle #weddingdetails #pursuepretty #modernwedding #tyingtheknot #bridalinspo

House Plants:

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know house plants are a bit of an obsession of mine so of course I’ve got a whole category especially for them!
#crazyplantlady  #livingwithplants  #nestandflourish  #plantsmakepeoplehappy  #botanicalpickmeup #plantaddict #leaflove #indoorgarden #plantlife #urbanjungle

Misc / Lifestyle:

These are great for posts that don’t fall in to a specific category, such as pictures of your home, random moments from your day,things that have been inspiring you lately etc.
#daysofsmallthings  #thatsdarling  #momentsofmine  #slowdownwithstills #fromabove #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #myeverydaymagic #makemoments #documentyourdays

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