Home page Checklist - 6 things to include on your website homepage

If you're running a small business, your website is one of your greatest assets, the home-base or store-front for everything you have to offer. When a new visitor lands on your site, you usually have just a few seconds to grab their attention before they click away and you lose a potential customer. Here's my checklist of things to make sure you have on your home-page to help hold that customer's attention and get them to stick around a little longer.

Website design home page check-list - Bea & Bloom Creative Design Studio

Your logo

An obvious one, but make sure your logo is present on your home-page, preferably in the header of your website so that visitors will know they're on your site, whichever page they end up on.

Your tagline or mission statement

Include a brief statement about what you do and what you have to offer. This should be short and clear, just a few words to sum up what your business is all about. For example, mine is 'Creative Design Studio', and I then go in to further detail on what I offer further down the page.

Simple Navigation

Make sure its easy for visitors to navigate their way around your site. Include clear, direct links in your navigation menu, around 4-7 items (not too many or visitors can get overwhelmed by the options). On my home-page, I've also included a few key links in the first section, just below my tag-line, along with a little summary of what that page contains. This makes it really clear what visitors to my website will find on each page, and makes sure they end up in the right place when they click-through, hopefully meaning they'll stick around a little longer.


Let visitors to your site see you! Your happy, smiling face will help visitors to feel instantly connected to you, and give your website some personality. Include a brief introduction to who you are, and a link to your main About page.

An e-mail opt-in / Call to action

This is your main opportunity to make sure people come back to your site. Make sure your home-page includes at least one link to sign up to your mailing list, preferably with some sort of opt-in to encourage them to do so. I've included a 'Sign-Up' link in the header of my site, and another opt-in further down the page where I mention a free download for subscribers.

Contact / Social Links

Another way to encourage visitors to stick around, include links to where they can follow you on social media, and how they can get in touch with you. A simple link to your Contact page in your navigation menu, and social links in your footer are easy ways to do this. A live feed from your Instagram account is also really effective as this gives visitors a visual idea of what content they can expect from you.

Do you have all of these things on your home page? If you need help designing your website, I'd love to chat to you and see what we can come up with together!

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