Our honeymoon was made up of 4 wonderful days in Venice, followed by a week in Sorrento & the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Everything was exactly what we'd hoped for and we couldn't have asked for more. 12 days full of amazing adventures means I'll need to spread this over more than one blog post! First up is the 4 days in Venice...

We arrived in Venice via a private water taxi which dropped us off directly at our hotel on the Grand Canal. We had an early flight so we were there and exploring by 11am! 
We headed straight out to discover how the vaporettos worked, and then made our way down to St. Mark's Square via the Rialto Bridge, and made our first stop at a pasta restaurant! 

Highlights of our time in Venice included our two gondola rides. We did one during the day which took us around a few of the main sites including the Bridge of Sighs. Then on our last night in Venice we decided to do a nigh time one, and treated ourselves to a bottle of prosecco at the same time! It was so romantic, and incredibly surreal as the city is so quiet at night, and everything looks even more beautiful lit up and reflected in the calm water of the canals.

Venice 1.jpg
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We visited 4 of the lovely islands in the Venice lagoon: Murano, Torcello, Burano & Lido. Our favourite of the 4 had to be Burano, the houses are all so colourful and we had loads of fun taking photos in front of all the coloured walls!

Burano 1.jpg
Burano 2.jpg
Burano 3.jpg

While we were in Venice we also took the opportunity of being nearby to take a day trip to Verona. It was a pretty hectic day trying to fit in all the sights but it was great fun. We climbed to the top of the arena, stood on Juliet's balcony, walked past Romeo's house, and took a lift to the top of the bell tower to look over the views of the city.

Verona 1.jpg
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At this point I have to mention the food... I won't admit quite how much we ate during our stay in Italy! Pizza, pasta and ice cream our some of favourite foods, and we took every opportunity to eat all 3! A favourite find in Venice was Pasta to Go shops. They make you a portion of fresh pasta with your choice of sauce & toppings, and it comes in a little take-out container (fast food, italian style) perfect for sitting in St Mark's Square! The gelato flavours were also a highlight of our trip, including chocolate & candied orange, nutella, and mixed berries.

Food 1.jpg
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I'll be back next week with the first few days of our time in Sorrento!