Today I'm sharing the second instalment of our honeymoon photos, and stories of our first few days in Sorrento.

Our hotel in Sorrento was the Grand Capodimonte. It was absolutely stunning! From the grand entrance way, to the 5 tiered swimming pools, and the gorgeous view from our balcony, it was all perfect and we could have stayed there forever! Most evenings we sat out on the balcony with a glass of prosecco and chatted for an hour or so before we went in to town to find somewhere for dinner. Excuse my awkward face in the pool photo, the water was rather freezing as the pools weren't in the sun for much of the day!

Sorrento 1.jpg
Sorrento 2.jpg
Sorrento 3.jpg
Sorrento 4.jpg

Back to the food again briefly. I was told about a restaurant in Sorrento that we just had to go to: O'Parrucchiano It doesn't look like much from the front but once you step through in the garden its just magical! There are lemon & lime trees everywhere and trails of fairy lights over head. And to top it off, the food was incredible! They're famous for the cannelloni so I chose a mixed pasta dish wish cannelloni, ravioli & gnocchi in a tomato sauce with mozarella. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it again!


On our second day in Sorrento we headed to the site of Pompeii. We had a nice surprise when we discovered that entry is free on the first Sunday of the month, which it just happened to be! We enjoyed a few hours wondering round and exploring the site. Its a tiring day as there's not much shade and there's a lot of walking on uneven ground, but its a fascinating place and definitely worth a visit!

Pompeii 2.jpg
Pompeii 3.jpg
Pompeii 4.jpg

The next day we caught a bus to Amalfi. The roads in the area don't feel the safest, and the buses don't slow down for all the tight corners, they just use the horn to let oncoming traffic know that they're there! So the journey itself was a bit on adventure, especially on the way back as there were no seats left and we had to stand the whole way! Amalfi itself was lovely and we'd love to go and stay there in the future. We visited the Duomo and the Cluster of Paradise, learnt how to make paper in Europe's oldest paper mill (I of course purchase a pretty sketchbook and 2 pads of drawing paper), and enjoyed some time swimming in the sea and soaking up some sun on the beach!

Amalfi 1.jpg
Amalfi 2.jpg
Amalfi 3.jpg
Amalfi 4.jpg

I'll be back again next week with the final set of photos from our trip!