Monroe Street Photography - Logo & Branding

Monroe Street Photography - Logo & Branding Design by Bea & Bloom Creative Design Studio

I have another branding reveal to share with you today! This one is for the lovely Ashley at Monroe Street Photography. Ashley got in touch with me because she wasn’t happy with the logo she had created for herself. She knew the kind of look she wanted to go for, but needed some help to make it all come together.

From my initial chats with Ashely and her answers to the branding questionnaire, I knew she was looking for something quite simple and elegant, involving the business name’s initials / a monogram. Colour wise, she wanted to keep it quite neutral, with a black or dark grey, but also had a soft spot for a soft eucalyptus green.

I brought all of these ideas together along with some of Ashely’s gorgeous photography, and created the mood board as our starting point for the project.


I used this as inspiration create a few logo concepts for Ashley, all centred around the idea of a simple monogram, but with a touch of softness from the eucalyptus sketch. I chose the fonts based on the shapes that you’d see in a US street sign, as the business is named after the street where she met her husband, so its a key part of her story.

MSt-Concepts-2 copy.png

Ashley chose the bottom left concept, and I added a bit of colour and created the secondary logo, submarks, graphics, patterns etc. to match. I created a few colour options for each element of the branding, so Ashely could keep the dark charcoal look where she wanted to, but also had the lighter options too. For the graphics, as well as a few more eucalyptus leaves, I illustrated a camera and the building where Ashley and her husband first lived.


Finally, I put together a business card design and created Ashely’s Brand Style Guide. She’s now implemented all of her new branding elements in to her website, and I’m so excited to see how it’s all come together!

Thanks so much for working with me, Ashley!