7 Non-biz things that I can't work without

There are certain obvious things that my business can't live without (a website, social media, my computer etc.) but there's also a few non-biz related things that are a big part of my work day. These are the things that keep me inspired, motivated and eager to get on with the work day, which is essential when working from home alone.

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90% of the time while I'm working I'll have one of my favourite podcasts playing in the background. I shared some of my favourite podcasts in an earlier post, but generally I love anything that centres around the subjects of small business, creativity and social media. I love making the most of my time so listening to a podcast and learning something new whilst I'm doing my own work is a great (and do-able) way to multi-task!


If I'm not listening to a podcast, I'm listening to music. I can't stand working in silence, but sometimes if I'm writing a blog post or replying to e-mails, I can't focus on what's being said in a podcast so I switch over to Spotify instead. I have a playlist of hundreds of songs that I like to work to so I can just stick that on shuffle and get on with my work. I particularly love acoustic music when I'm working as I find it relaxing and inspiring (nothing with too much of a beat as that can be distracting)


This is a relatively new one for me, I barely drunk hot drinks up until last winter. I've started to struggle with Raynaud's syndrome in the last few years and its definitely not easy to draw with cold, numb fingers! I started drinking coffee purely to have something hot to hold to warm up my hands, and now its become part of my morning routine. I'm by no means a coffee expert, I'm happy with a simple instant coffee with plenty of milk (I am very keen on the Little's flavoured coffees, particularly the vanilla!)

Notebooks & Sketchbooks

This is a little bit of an obsession of mine. I love collecting pretty notebooks and sketchbooks and probably own far more than a person should! I always have several on the go for various purposes: a social media planning notebook, a sketchbook for personal work, one for client work, a large sketchpad for bigger drawings, an ideas notebook, I could go on...
I've never gotten in to planning / making notes digitally, I much prefer putting pen to paper. I have a small folder of notes on my phone purely for when I don't have a notebook with me, but I generally end up copying those notes down on paper when I get back to my desk!

Comfy clothes

Don't get me wrong here, I do like to get up and get changed out of pyjamas so I feel like I've started the day properly, but I do love the opportunity to wear comfortable clothes when I'm sat at my desk all day! Leggings and comfy t-shirts are my go to outfit for a work at home day, or a floaty dress if it's a hot day!

A Dedicated Workspace

When we decorated our loft room earlier this year to turn it in to my studio, I chose the decor and accessories very carefully. Bright white walls, lots of plants, a large desk space and a pretty mood board were top of my list for an inspiring work space. Everything in the room is something that I love, something that inspires me, or something that I use every day for my business. Having a dedicated work room that I can walk away from at the end of the day has been a huge improvement on my old desk space in the corner of the living room. I love having my workspace close to me (just up the stairs) but separate from the rest of the house so I can switch off at the weekends.

Design Books

I have a bookcase full of design related books, and a whole lot more on my Amazon wishlist. If I'm feeling stuck on a project, or just need to step away from the screen, they're a great source of inspiration. I'm always looking to add to my collection so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

What things are essential to your work day? Can you relate with any of mine?

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