Using Tailwind to increase website traffic

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For a long time, Pinterest was the platform I paid least attention to, unaware of how it worked and how I could make it work for my website and business. Until I discovered Tailwind. Since starting to use Pinterest and Tailwind together in June of this year, traffic to my site has quadrupled, and Pinterest is by far my biggest referral. The best part? I only spend about an hour a week on Tailwind to make this happen.

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So why Tailwind?

It's affordable

Tailwind costs just $119 (around £90) for a whole year, or $15/month (£11.50) if you pay monthly. The yearly subscription gets you unlimited pins, while the monthly plan allows up to 400 per month.  I don't pay for many subscriptions, but trust me, this one is 100% worth the time it saves.

It's made for Pinterest

There are lots of scheduling tools available, but Tailwind was designed specifically for Pinterest, and it's improved by Pinterest themselves, so there's no worries about problems coming up later on.

It's quick & easy to set up

Simply head to the Tailwind site, hit "Sign up with Pinterest" and you'll be ready to start scheduling within minutes. There's also a little tutorial that allows you to schedule a test pin to check out how it all works.

You can pin directly from Instagram

This one really appealed to me. We spend so much time creating content for each social media platform, its such a time saver to be able to use that content across multiple platforms. You can pin from Instagram from right within the Tailwind app. It'll bring up all of your recent posts and you can just select which board(s) you want them to go to and hit schedule!

It will save you hours of time

For the first few weeks of using Pinterest for my business, I was manually pinning everything. This meant spending 10 minutes several times a day browsing Pinterest, finding the best images to pin and pinning each one individually. There was no way I was going to keep that up.
With Tailwind, you can sit down once a week and schedule out everything at once. If you go for the yearly plan, you can even spend a few hours and get months worth of content scheduled, saving you even more time each week.

You can batch schedule

Another time saver, you can schedule multiple pins at once. If you're re-pinning directly from Pinterest, you can install the Chrome extension and select as many pins as you like (scroll down and load up a few pages before opening the extension so that it finds more images), then you can choose your boards, and add descriptions and add them all to your schedule at once.
If you're pinning your own content, you can batch upload images directly to Tailwind. Just go to your "Scheduled Pins" page and hit "Create New Pin". Then again you can set the boards and add descriptions in one go (and remember to set the URLs too!) 

It gives you a tailored posting schedule

Tailwind creates a smart schedule for you based on your feed and your followers. You tell it how many times a day you want to post, and it creates time-slots for you for each day of the week. It will also suggest additional time-slots for you, and you can add your own too. Every time you schedule a pin, it will be added to your schedule.

You can easily edit your queue

There are several ways you can edit your queue. There's a "Shuffle Queue" feature which will switch up all of your scheduled pins for you. So if you've just scheduled 50 pins for a wedding stationery board, followed by 50 pins for an engagement shoots board, this feature willmake sure those pins are mixed in with the rest of your schedule, rather than all going out together and spamming one of your boards.
You can also manually shuffle your queue by simply dragging pins around on the calendar.
And finally, you can manually schedule a pin to specific time. When you're filling in your description and choosing your board, you'll notice a little clock in the corner. Hit that and select the time and date you want that pin to go out. This is great if you're scheduling pins for blog posts that aren't published yet (I'll go in to that further on in the post)

You can pin to multiple boards

If you've got a pin that you want to share on several boards (which is great for getting more exposure on that pin) you can select multiple boards for that pin to go to. Remember to use the "Shuffle Queue" feature so those pins don't all go out together!

There's a simple to use mobile app

You can also download their mobile app and schedule pins from your phone. You can only schedule one pin at a time on the mobile app, and can't upload images form your phone yet, but its still a handy feature to have if you find a few things you want to pin when you're scrolling on your phone.

There's easy to understand analytics

When you sign in to Tailwind, the home-page gives you an overview of your account for the last 7 days. This tells you how many re-pins you've had that week, how many domain pins you've had (make sure your website is connected to your Pinterest account), and how many new followers you've gained. It also compares these numbers with last week, and with the average statistics for your account.
If you go the Insights section of your account, you'll find loads more data on your followers, re-pins and engagement scores, and can look in to how each board is doing. You can also see all of your scheduled pins in order of popularity, so you can choose to reschedule your best performing pins to go out again.

There are loads more great features of Tailwind that I haven't mentioned here (such as Tailwind tribes), but these are all my favourite features and the reasons I chose to start using it.

My Process

So now you know all the reasons I recommend Tailwind, I'm going to give you an outline of how I've been using it to drive traffic to my site.

I Pin Consistently

I take full advantage of Tailwind's time-saving features, and schedule 30 pins a day, weeks in advance. I make sure there's always at least 2 weeks worth of content ready to go out, so I know I'm always staying consistent on Pinterest.

I use pretty, branded graphics

For each blog post I write, I create 4-6 graphics for that post, using bright, attractive photos and my brand colours & fonts. This helps my pins stand out and also means they're recognisable as mine. (This is also a service I offer. If you need help with pin designs, get in touch for a chat!)

I mix my own content with re-pins

I always make sure at least 50% of my scheduled pins are re-pins of other's content. All of my boards are a mix of my own content and other's.

I pin my content to multiple boards

When I add a new pin of my own content, I'll schedule it to go out to several boards. So if I'm sharing an inspirational quote for entrepreneurs, I'll add that to "Quotes for Entrepreneurs" and "Small Business Advice". While this post will be pinned to "Small Business Advice", "Blogging Tips" and "Social Media Marketing". This is a great opportunity to get more eyes on your pins.

I re-pin my best content

Every month I'll sit down and look at my analytics, and re-schedule all of my top performing pins. I'll also re-schedule some of the lower performing ones that didn't get much love the first time, as they may be seen by someone different and get more attention this time round. 
Remember, no one is scrolling all the way through your boards and checking you haven't duplicated pins. As long as you're not pinning the same pin over and over again at the same time, repeating content is absolutely fine on Pinterest.

I use accurate descriptions

For each of my own pins, I'll right a short but accurate description, using keywords relevant to that pin. For a quote I'll generally include the name of the person, an extract of the quote, and the words "Inspirational quote" or "Motivational life quote" etc. I also include my own business name, so if anyone searches for me on Pinterest, all of my pins will come up.

I use hashtags

At the end of each description, I add 2-4 relevant hashtags. For example on that same quote post, I'll add #quotes #lifequotes #inspiration.

I plan ahead

Every time I write and schedule a new blog post, I create the graphics for that post, and schedule them on Tailwind. I schedule the first pin to go out the day the post goes live, and then the others 2, 4, 6 days later, so its spread out across the week. Doing this ahead of time saves me having to worry about it once the post goes live and means its up on Pinterest right away.

And that's it!

Just an hour of re-pinning each week, and scheduling my own content ahead of time, and with the help of Tailwind I've managed to quadruple the traffic to my site in just 3 months!


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