Bea & Bloom Turns 2

This week marks 2 years since Bea & Bloom very first opened. A lot has changed since then, with the main focus of the business switching from wedding stationery to branding design earlier this year. Bea & Bloom’s second year has been a brilliant one, I’ve worked with some wonderful people and am thoroughly enjoying all of the work I’ve been doing.

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9 Ways to beat Creative Block

Creative block hits all of us, normally at the worst possible times, when the deadlines are looming and clients are waiting for their designs. Its so easy to get stuck in a rut, going round in circles trying to force out some creativity when its just not coming. This generally just makes things worse and we end up creating work we’re not really proud of.

Here are my top tips for trying to break out of a creative block, and get back to enjoying what we do.

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A Weekend in the Cotswolds

Two weeks ago we headed off to the cotswolds for a weekend away to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Despite it raining for the first day and a half that we were there, we had an incredible 3 days together and enjoyed soaking up all of the beautiful scenery.

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