6 signs its time for a rebrand

A rebrand can completely transform your business, re-ignite your excitement in your work, and help you gain attention from both new followers and your existing audience. Of course, its a big investment, and its not always easy to know whether or not its the right move for your business. If you're struggling to decide whether or not its time to rebrand, here's 6 ways to know if its the right decision for you: 

Time for a Rebrand - Bea & Bloom Creative Design Studio

You've outgrown your current branding

Most new businesses start out with a minimal budget, and a lot of initial outgoings, so it's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to begin with a DIY or pre-made logo, or to simply choose a nice font and use their business name. This makes sense at the beginning of your business journey, but as you grow, your branding should grow with you. A professionally designed brand and logo will help you and your business look established and experienced.

Your business is taking a different direction / You've niched down

You may have narrowed down your ideal customer, switched direction for your services, niched down to a more specific market, changed your goals or re-written your brand statement. Any one of these things may mean its time for a rebrand, to make sure the visual elements of your business are aligned with what you're doing now.

You're struggling to stand out from your competitors

Are you feeling a little lost in the crowd? If your branding is looking a little similar to your competitors, its a good idea to change that and help your business stand out. My branding process involves focusing on the story behind your business and finding what makes you unique, and making sure your logo and visuals reflect that. I use hand-drawn illustrations and lettering so that you know no-one else will have a logo like yours and you can be confident that you'll stand out from the crowd.

Your current branding is looking a little outdated

You may have invested in a professionally designed logo and brand identity when you launched your business, but if a few years have passed and the colours, fonts and logo are starting to look a little outdated, then it might be time for a refresh. It may be a case of completely rebranding, or just making a few tweaks to modernise your existing visuals to bring your business up to date. A rebrand or refresh can also help rejuvenate interest in your business and give you something exciting to share with your followers.

You're struggling with consistency

If you're website, blog and social media accounts are all looking a little disjointed, a rebrand can really help to create consistency. With a rebranding package you'll get several logo variations, a colour palette, font selection, patterns and graphics that you can use across your business to make sure everything is looking cohesive and professional.

You just don't like your current branding

This one may seem obvious, but if none of the above apply to you, but you're just not loving your current branding, or you're feeling a bit embarrassed whenever its time to hand out a business card, then its definitely time to consider rebranding. 

If you think its time for a rebrand, I'd love to chat to you about your business and help you create a new logo and brand identity that you love. You can view my packages, browse my portfolio and read some testimonials over on the Branding page, and get in touch if you'd like to chat!

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